Could Your Bra Be Slowly Killing You?



Sounds real dramatic? Doesn’t it??
Like really how could a bra from VS cause anyone any real issue other than lifting those girls “Upppp Where They Beeelong… ” Right?

Let me let you in on a very very super special secret… Shhh lean closer girl… Lean…


Ok. Here it is…
More than half the women in your immediate circle are wearing the perfectly gorgeous incorrectly sized bra.

Yes even the one that went to the aforementioned VS, Macy’s, Fredericks of Hollywood…. All of them I just named.


Think about this.

1) Only some stores may have even properly trained their employees how to correctly size and fit a bra

2) Then there’s…Having the issue of you being sized by someone who could care less whether the measurement they haphazardly took was really correct or not. Most times if your girls had additional letters and numbers past 32B, the associate was already rolling her eyes because that meant s/he was actually going to have to work for you to get a proper sizing. (Even if the store didnt carry ya size… Sister girl may have took time to fit you so you would know your size…


Because let’s face… Raise ya hand if you know how to size yourself for a good bra fit…


Ok so if you can’t that information is needed so you can find good bras that fit…

3 Keys things to look for to check fit

-Does your straps slide down and go every which way except for staying in place?
-Can you hook both the 1st & 3rd row of closures in the back? This looks different from company to company and throughout the various sizing option
-Note what happens when you lift your arms above your head
Did it lift up completely?
Did it stay in place?

Those a just a few things to check for. There are many more but this is a great start.


Now how your bra disrupts ya health…

Common Issues caused by wearing a bra that is too small:
* Scarring- Due to the straps or other parts digging into your skin causing compression scarring

*Infections due to constant scaring from bining and materials rubbing skin raw

*Infections within the body wear your overall health down over time.

*Rudeness… Simply because who can be jovial and skippin when ya bra slicing all ya sides up… Or you have to play catch woth ya straps all day long.


Stop the madness…

Not only that but I know how much cute bras, waistrainers and all those other contraptions cost. And to spend all your life wearing the wrong size and going thru pains just to put your girls in a cute carrier… And you getting wounds and stuff…

Cmon Son!!


There are also options if you do not wearing bras.

Because we ALLL know once we hit the door from a long day… That thing ia the best frisbee.


Walking around unbridled bout the chest is good for you.


If your bra is leaving you with “war wounds” , it’s generally not a good fit.

If ya bra doesn’t fit, you musta quit. Truly there are sooo many different bra brands that cater to everything from training bras to fancy sling shots.   You can be supported and cute. You do NOT have to settle on the largest size a company may offer. Keep looking.

Additional tips
Wearing a bra that has been handed down til the elastic has long ago gave up is so not cute.
Please go to a REAL lingerie department or a seamstress midweek for a proper fitting.

Lingerie is supposed to to handwashed. Never machine dried just airdried flat.

Or grab a lingerie ball or bag to wash your delicates in…


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#Katch Me If You Can

Happy Saturday Beautiful Ones!!

Did you miss me? Lol! Ive been super busy with revamping the brand and making 2016 my total year. I really didn’t do resolutions but I did plan my ass off.

I want to go as far as my mind can conceive and my legs (or a plane)  will carry me.

As my birthday rolled around, I sat back and really thought about what I wanted to accomplish this year, how much I wanted to make and who I wanted to share these awesome moments with. Because after all, life is all about the moments we create.


There was a lot of bullshit to sift thru. I saw excuses and fear had taken over my normal get up and go attitude and was punking me on my own terf. I turned down fashion shows, sewing gigs and all kinds of things because fear was all up in my mental and had me on lock.

Then one day I noticed my baby mimicking that same defeatist attitude that she had seen me exhibit day in and day out while SAYING this and that.


Talk is cheap.

I, like so many others, wasn’t doing what needed to be done. I was just talking.

Too busy focusing on people who want everything free… Replaying every failure in my mind over and over and generally just totally blocking out all the good that was clearly there in plain site but I was too busy being ungrateful to notice.

That was until I noticed Shorty Duwop reflecting my actions.I had to get my shit together. And fast. There was no way I would be responsible for my seeds not going forward and being positive and doing great things because I was in my feelings.

Each day, I focus on what I truly want. While I work as hard as I know how to get it.


My top 4 goals for 2016

(My mentor tells me that sharing my goals makes it harder to back out. So I’m posting it. 😱😱😱)

1). Design and launch a fashion collection

2) Travel 4 times, 1 being international preferably Ghana or Johannesburg.

3) Write an Ebook and sell 10 copies

4) Be Happy


Focusing on those specific goals, breaking them down to doable pieces was enough… More than enough to get me off my ass and hellbent on attaining all of them without pushing anything back another year.

All of this to show my little ones, they can do anything they want.

It’s important to me that I do well to make a better life for them than the one I had and to allow them to hone in on their skills and talents and nurture those things early on.

If I don’t, who will?


I said all of that to say 2016 be prepared to #Katch us in traffic.


What are you guys manifesting this year?

Also what do you want to see more of?


Til Next Time,








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For every women I meet there are many more than want to take comtrol  of their destiny and which direct their business in. I love seeing other entrepreneurs be successful and seeing them grind and clim to where they want to be. So many are afraid to even take the leap in the waters. These waters are very different from the security of someone telling you every move to make. You know exactly what you will be doing on Thursday of next week and next year as well for that matter.


How I Started?

My life began the moment I saw myself wearing my own clothing several years ago. I knew I didn’t want to be career military and being an OB/GYN wasn’t hitting on my true ambitions wither. It was clear when everything else was fuzzy and unorganized as ever.



I will do whatever for my children and their children’s children to not be in any of the situations I had to grow up in. Freedom and being able to make a beautiful life for my family… That’s my why. If I can create a legacy half as great as what my ancestors imagined then I’m happy.

I want my slices as well as my pies. i am a true giver and you can’t give or help anyone else until my own perverbial shit is taken care of.