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KR Means Loyalty

I truly appreciate artists and individuals who are expressive about things that truly matter. A clear voice that is individual and unique. These type of  people make the hairs on my arm stand up because it’s rare to find actual artist with their own voice so down pat in a world full of zombies and sheeple.

The artist behind my latest musical obsession is Je’Marcus Thomas a.k.a. Murcielago Marcus from Houston, Texas. He’s a kid genius from another era with his lyrical style and use of insane metaphors .


If you haven’t already, check out his YouTube channel here and tell me what you think?


Til Next Time…. Stay Jaded!!


Growing in business is truly a process. Everyone comes in with their preconceived notions about what it will be like. Some misquote religious text about Money being the root of all evil. As a newbie entrepreneur you tend to draw on what you’ve heard about it and judge everything based upon this.

Before my first actually encounter, I envisioned a pit of several different sections of  poorly dressed women like venous snakes with smiles greeting you. Then Less than 5 minutes later discussing everything wrong with you to her circle of minims who want to be just like her. Nothing could be further from the truth. Literally everything I was told was wrong. But then I had to think about the individuals who told me this. Were they scarred by such an event or were they the group that does this  to other unsuspecting people who are still green around the gills?

Then you reach a crossroads do you been the thing that you don’t want or do you set your own precedent. Scouring theough every recommended book, ecourse, conference you can find to fuel your quest for knowing more about what being a great entrepreneur entails because the venomous snake route isn’t what you want. What do you do now?

If you are anything like me, you hit the ground running, searching for someone who thinks like you who feels women can do business together and without losing their sense of self with a proven track record of getting it right.

Here’s when things can get tricky if you are not careful. As a new entrepreneur you just got started on the journey of  being in business. This alone is worth several hours of thought. Whether you start out  majoring in business or you learned a skill and want to turn it into the thing you dream of, it is still totally different from actually being in the tranches learning and shaping how you want t do business. There’s textbook and then there’s the other side that you learn as you go.

We have officially put out our shingles to say business is open and we expect people to flock in because well.. we’re certified to do hair or we  are the best architects around, found someone to draft our legal entity papers. We even opend up a business accounts. Now What? Where are the people?

Be careful who you call during this time because their advice here is critical. We can’t just scoop up everything we find. There are some things that should be thrown back: Being leeches

There comes a fine line between looking for people who can help you and becoming a business leech. Sad to say that there are way too many of the latter lurking at free events tossing business cards in the air.

the thing that hurts more new entrepreneurs who have not put together their systems than a little bit is the need to give to good causes, help elvers one and say yes to people who have made a career out of asking for way too much. These are what I call business leeches. They scout out newbies had say they promise XYZ and all you have to do is give away everything you have worked for and only they walk away with any type of benefits. They have not taken any time to know what you are about. All they seem to know is that you have a talent that they need but refuse to pay for it. This is very different from volunteering, or doing free work in exchange for something needed in your business.

You have to find people who will guide you instead of guide all of your money out of your pockets into theirs and you are giving never ending benefits while your cupboards are bare.

This is a mistake several entrepreneurs make starting out. If you choose to give, there should be an ending period, mutually beneficial and worth your time. If you continue to get caught in the business leech ploy the key link is you. Don’t become one and don’t waste time with people who only come to  benefit themselves on the back of your hard work.

Remember, you are who you associate with.