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I am so excited to tell you guys about the latest oil Rejuvenique by Monat that I have been using on my locs.  I have been using this product for my hair a little over a month and it’s great.  I tend to be skeptical of putting just anything in my hair due to the chemicals and potential for build up of residue on my locs. So with that being said there are several things I refuse to put anywhere near my hair let alone my body. I’m very cheeky when it comes to new products but this one is a keeper.

Before ever receiving the product, I decided to research the company and what they stood for. I was elated to discover they pride themselves on providing a quality product with superior ingredients. Another bonus, in my eyes, was that they didn’t test on animals.

The product came with a dropper  to encourage users to apply it directly where it needed to go without it oozing and getting everywhere, which was perfect for me and D ( my mane has a name and it’s Dominique)

After using this for a week, I noticed a change in my hair. My scalp easily absorbs it and  several weeks later there wasn’t any buildup or residue. The pump action dropper is AMAZING.  The product is very light weight and full of vitamins, minerals and all kinds of goodies that my locs LOVE.


I can brag all day LONG but the proofs in the pudding! This is a must try product for  loc lovers, naturalistas and anyone on a journey to strong healthy hair.



I give this product  9 of 10. Only because I would like the dropper to hold a smidge more but other than that, it could have easily been a 10.



For more info on Monat and their product lines , check them out




Til Next Time  Lovelies,


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