Product Review: Nicka K New York Selfie Light

November 13, 2019

When Life Gives You a Ring Light

It's still early as crows feet rise... I am trying out and getting the opportunity to test out different brands. I found this little gem called a Nicka K New York Selfie Ring Light at the BSS. Beauty Supply Store.

Having this light solves several issues for me

Having the appropriate lighting for makeup, videos and different candid shots

Having a light that was small enough to fit in my day to day set up or travel bag

Most lighting set ups can be bulky

My goals from here on out are as healthy or as minimalist as possible. As a fashion blogger... or designer... just an artist in general.. Having a few things that are staples for you to fo a great job are essential

For me, finding this light was a sheer godsend. I was soo inspired that i was moved to do a natural makeup look to test out the different settings with whatever scribbles of makeup and lippies I had lying around..

But then back at the Bat cave...

Mercury Retrograde came through and taught me 3 very important lessons

1. Charge all on my devices because shit happens

2. Back up all of my important documents that would bring me to tears it my device died and didn't auto save.. Those tears you feel in your chest because I spend hours sometimes months on different projects and one false move or just forgetting to charge and save...

3. Somethings are just meant to be just for you.

Over all I give this little light o mines a C average rating

As much as I am loving the portability of the product the battery life has much to be desired.

It is UBS charged which can be good and bad... Its great ti be able to charge this on a laptop but should you not have a laptop or car charger that works.. there is not back up battery option. This can prove to be a costly mistake if you are doing a makeup shoot as a gig.

Another Pro... This fits my phone, tablet and laptop

That is boss.. Because not everyone has one or the other or all.. and this fits and works equally on the different options. When I saw it, it said phone but since it was a press click attachment I wanted to try. The very worse was I could only record on my phone but to my surprise, it not ONLYYYY fit my phone... but also my laptop and tablet so no matter where  I decide to record I can have balanced lighting.

Hmm maybe I should give it a string B just for that but the short battery life and the no battery options are major since I KNOW I will be using this professionally

But in all honesty, how much should I really expect from a Light under $50 in the realms of being a solid investment... so

For that reason alone I will be purchasing a handful of these and maybe giving a few away to a few make up artists that I know so that they can try it and review it for themselves. I am not a professional makeup artist but I do enjoy a good beat and a cut crease from tome to time.

This little gem will come in handy for many reasons.

For $8 at the Beauty Supply Store I will say this is worthy the good pennies I did spend because I needed a ring light and was just saying to my family how I felt that I could use a small ring light for recording, makeup looks and sew alongs... Less than a week later, the universe blesses me with the very thing I needed and asked for. 

That speaks to the vastness of the All and how small we really are yet mighty in the grande schemes of thihgns

For that I am grateful and humbled

What are your favorite gadgets for business?

Til next time Shugahs


Jaded Kisses