Put Me In Coach

October 5, 2019

Why in person or virtual support coaching is needed 

The simplest things are sometimes the most overlooked. Having a support system and mentor are like having air and water. 

As I welcome myself back to writing and documenting my journey to becoming all that I am destined to. I started this journey alone and unsure.  After all the forks in the roads and lessons along the way. I decided O am now ready to share what i wish I new as a creative in a space where everyting from government to poly count is ass backwards and upside down.

1st things first

I want to say Thank you to the ancestors for guiding me to write everything down and write about EVERYTHING.

The more I travel in life I am learning to get peoples attention I no longer had to buck dance with two left feet, sang real good or play ball. I however have none of those typical skills but what I do possess is a specialness thats highly marketable.

I have the gift of gab and enjoy the art of cosplay. I know how to follow energy and plan a series of things in my favor based on signs and numbers. This led to my hobbies in fashion, energy and metaphysics... Specifically saying if follow my intuition, brands seek me out to teach them how I learned to follow my own North Star.

In Layman's terms.. I have a nose for money and how to get it... in the simplest and to the key of your own melody kinda of special magic/

Now When people who are creative start businesses, if they are anything like me they planned all the things and researched the market or they just jumped ass end in first and learned by swimming thru the tides. 

There is is need for intuition and bravery when launching out on your own.

Now I am super gungho about having a solid team around... that is my linus blanket and it is the core of my beliefs... Periodt.. You can do everything yourself but why when having a solid crew and everyone understanding and practicing group economics has a much greater impact

Here are 10 Things I learned when reflecting

1. on the Commotion often missed between Marketing, Religion, Having a code and a community or the sense of syzygy... the alignment of support in launching

2.The Pimp The Pimp

is a capitalist that extorts or exhausts the energy, skills or talent of another for their sole use, control and survival in a country built on these exact same concepts. He usually has a flashy life, gift of gab, the latest designer and an air of suaveness and sense of security that gorwn women avoid because they know all that glitters aint gold and those caught unaware often flock to. 

The Lack filled is the Father figure and authority and sense of values. 

They all operate by a code and an unstated set of values, security and energy exchange

Controls sex energy of their submissives and dominates them with any thorns they may struggle with internally

3. The Priest

The gatekeeper between man and the Ethers. The teacher of the ancient ways. He also divines for clients seeking the way inward to their highest self...  for a fee for supplies, time and ability in hopes of connecting to their ancestry, purpose in life and messages from Guides... Even the path to God is better attuned when on has a few more coins to slide for the results. These are the seers, sages and wise men who have fell in love with their enemy and pimp spirituality for a price that is eased and mastered thru use of gifts and talents

4. The Entrepreneur 

Well that is the go getter to sells ideas, products and commodities for a price as well for the benefit of themselves community or a fortune 500 company. The Mr. and Mistress "I can sell water to a penguin... Ice to a polar bear" people who had to be quick on their feet in order to eat. That hunger teaches one real quick how to survive on your skills if soul selling and laying on your back isn't always an option. Hey For some sucking and fucking at the first opinion, and for others its not even on the board.

All different aspects of the self. But the energy and what's being carried out or pushed is different.

I apply these same mental chess games to find solutions for clients that are seeking direction and solace

4 When I asked this question to entrepreneurs that were around the answers that I received allowed me to redirect my approach to spirituality, economy and being a healer in an upside down world. I am anointed to have many experiences to share and fashion and having a skill and purpose... to heal has led tho this portion on my journey.

I am teaching as I an learning to be a sharp in practice as I teach others to be. 

Seek a lack and providing a solution

What is your passion?

What brings you profit?

What is yo muthafkkn purpose??

5. Theses 3 sisters have beeen the main Boss Bitches in my life that taught me to trust myself, love my self and use everything I've learned to save and bring others from the projects to the Penthouses and Conferences based on what we do well naturally...

6. If you aren't comfortable pushing for your own goals and dreams. Someone else is more than willing to gip you out of your blessings, inheritance and the things that belong to you that you have yet to tap into

7. Spend an hour or so weekly in silence especially if you are getting ready to begin planning and positioning your brand for a string start in January. 

8. The 4th Quarter of the fiscal year is ripe with donations and grant money for startups with great ideas. BECAUSEEE the less money that they have they less taxes they have to pay. 

9. Being profitable is not a sin. I consult with so many entrepreneur that put more faith into an unknown brand that they will for themselves. Your ideas are valuable.

10. It cost me absolutely everything to be able to get back to a place where I know the difference between value and bullshit. That has been a golden key for my brand identity and myself. I am my brand. If I love my brand then those who resonate with it. Those are my tribe of people I am set to support. No matter what we seek, there is a cost or some sort of sacrifice required to live in alignment,

Learnign how to wield and control your own energy opens the world up to bring in everything that you need in your life and brand

What yall Working on Fam??

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