Shipping Baby... Shippin

October 7, 2019

Shipping.... Costs

Shipping is one of the many things that I wish I would have considered way more seriously. That is a cost that can hit you for a little or depending on the bulk and where it needs to go... that little can become a  lot in no time and cost you a grip. That alone has changed the way I look at profit lists, competitive rates and what clientele I want to really work with.

This lesson came as stout as a fresh bottle of EverClear. Shit was SKRRONKKK If you wanting to take your sewing to the next level. You have to first know the levels and when its time to shift and shift up. Knowing how to scale your efforts and investments will be a skill that comes with expertise or time spent bumping your head

Starting out. 
I wish I knew how shipping adds to the final price because well it does have to actually get to your customer within a certain amount of time. That's gas, time and a labor force on its own. I thought that i set a price and what I get back is profit. Well boy was I wrong. That was revenue before shipping ad other often overlooked details in business.

Names, Logos, websites,  That's typically where Most entrepreneurs think the jist of business focus should be... or at least i did.. I'm entrepreneurs.. that was me.. Either way those things were important but I have done business with or without any of those things. What I couldn't skip past though was having to ship out products or deliver classes digitally to keep my profits moving, clients happy and my bottom line out of the soup kitchen lines.

From the start to the high end, getting designers collections on time is usually the biggest complaint but when buyers and clients don't see what goes into the construction and distribution. They just see the finished product and know something happens. This is where I come into play. I know both sides of being a buyer, designer and a super shopper so understanding there are just some things we don't know to even ask about.

In the beginning I often just charged for the fabric only.. then realized the time that I was investing was NOT being utilized  nor was the real costs being calculated..

One of my biggest lessons was custom throw pillows that were pretty bulky. I charged for the fabric and the shipping was over $150 because of bulk and weight of the boxes... Lets just say it was in that moment right there that I started paying attention to the cost of shipping for starter orders. I also inform clients that when setting my price list and knowing what numbers I need to hit.. THat very real conversation about shipping, time and supplies will come in handy versus having client name their prices, sales or even discounts. A fair competitive wage allows everyone to be able to be more sustainable in building their brands.

Sourcing materals... TIme, 

Buying Materials

Patterns whether I make them or buy commercial ones that fit my gemeral market

Creating a sample muslin  to check fit

Fitting the sample

Sewing the Final Garment




Most creatives know how to be creative but many like me had to build up our muscles to get the business side of that together.

There aren't very many business that are willing to teach you how to flip a profit for yourself.... without a price to be paid. Everything has a cost. 

Before you put an open  for business sign up, do your research. Something as simple as overlooking what it is really costing for you to run and maintain the brand you are building.

Different types of mailers that have come in handy 

USPS Mailers. There are preset fees for some, a flat fee for overnight and mailers

Branded Boxes


Satin Bags

Here are a few websites where you can order some and get shipping supplies



Custom Boxes:


Packlane Customized boxes that you can order in small batch orders

ULINE has shipping supplies and allow new business owners a credit plan 

Today is a beautiful day to go out and apply this to upgrading your business and manifesting the life you want.

Ciao Bellas