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December 30, 2019

By: @JadedKisses


Habari Gani?

Today is the 5th day of Kwanzaa

NIA: Meaning Purpose

Each day of sharing content that I collected to support those who want to start and will not allow anything to prevent them from at least starting to build their personal goals.

WHat is your purpose? How does your personal gain uplift the greater whole of humanity

When I say what is your purpose I mean that thing that keeps you up at night or that nudge that you keep ignoring that you are being led to discover or pay more attention to...

Purpose... the reason you choose to be who you are today is building blocks for who you will be in the future.. 

There is an element of who you will be in the future by

making intentional and set steps towards attaining

 I use a variety of dofferent tools to fulfill my purpose.  MY purpose is tied to women and children. I am a healer but fashion is how I breal the ice. I am intetnional about how and how I choose to honor my purpose. 

As this decade comes to a close. I am goin theu the process is emptied  out ,kicked to the curb, or no longer serves. 

This is the first year, I really paid attention to how I was spending my time and my resources. I started paying more attetnionto what I said my purpose was ans what i was really putting my emergy towards.  
KNowing why you do things, why did you say that? why did I agree to attend those events. and most importantly how does every action show up in the physical... Is this something that moves the pacing closer to where you say your purpose is leading you...

In the spirit of Kwanzaa and building the collective by honoring your purpose, here is a intro of gems from an upcoming mastermind for those ready to jumpstart their 2020 with a full assed effort to bring your purpose into alignment.

I will host 4 masterminds for each quarter, each building upon the last... each building block from the 9 Keys Mastering Brand Image Book.. I have to honor those who purchased books during the presale so those newsletter subbies will get each of the sessions and the workbooks as a thank you for being patient during my legal red tape. THis comes as a plus even though it looked like there was nothign that could be done. You cant take whats freely given. I want to share the lessons and the content creation tool sto assist as many women in business start... no excuses.. JUst start.

Domestic Violence


Sexual Abuse






CHeating Spouse and outside children

Start even faster building your own thing

I am going thru a divorce and my ex wants half of things he didnt help build. SO if I have to teach for free until this is over then I will still share how I am building my brand when life isn't so picturesque...

Each order that was confirmed will receive the book in pdf form and the links to each mastermind and webinar teaching each hands on skill. After the honeymoon phase I still have a business to run and a family to take care of. My purpose and peace is worth more than any contract and any person outside of myself and my seeds.

I am here to attest to the facts that your purpose is greater than anything that comes at you in life... I have lost family members, relationships and everything I thought I needed to be successful. NOw all I have is what I have learned thru it all.

Staying focused on the silver lining will always support in pulling you thru t new levels and reaching the goals that have been set and reset

My purpose is to speak up on birthing issues and the conditions we are functioning through. I believe that we all can be balanced and successful. 

What is your purpose heading into 2020?

TIl Next TIme, 

Chao Bellas


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